Class Schedule

CrossFit Garwood is currently offering +50 different class times throughout the week!

“On-Ramp” Program
Our coaches have a responsibility to all members when it comes to performing the exercises correctly. All new members and trial class participants MUST complete our “On-Ramp” or 6 Week Challenge program prior to entering our main classes, regardless of CrossFit experience.

1 Month Trial Membership
*New clients Only (includes access to Gold Medal Fitness)
*Includes three (3) private, 1-on-1 “On-Ramp” classes
*All new athletes are required to complete our “On-Ramp” program regardless of CrossFit experience

Please call 908-709-4200 to schedule or email


6 Week Challenge Program
One of the best ways to see if CrossFit is for you is to participate in our 6 Week Challenge program which includes:

● 3 classes per Week
● Meal Plan
● BMI and Body Measurements
● Before & After photos

The 6 week program creates a community of athletes who are all working towards their own individual goals, together. Please call us to see when our next 6 Week Challenge is starting 908-709-4200. We offer all-female & co-ed Challenges.


“WOD” (Workout of the Day) 
Every day, CrossFit Garwood publishes a WOD (Workout of the Day) on our Website & Facebook. Each WOD includes one or all of the three fundamental aspects of CrossFit: Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Metabolic Conditioning. The WOD changes each day which keeps things interesting, keeping you engaged and challenged! Each class is 1 hour in length and is broken up into three separate parts:

Warm Up & Mobility
Putting yourself in the correct position is a major factor in succeeding at CrossFit. While arriving early to stretch and work on mobility is highly recommended, we program warm ups specifically designed to increase mobility, blood flow and prepare you for that day’s WOD.

We dedicate time daily to improving  our athlete’s strength and power. Practicing Olympic Weightlifting movements and important accessory work are vital to becoming a well rounded athlete.

A metabolic/endurance portion of the WOD makes sure you sweat and are keeping your heart and lungs healthy!


What Do You Need For Class?
Dress in comfortable workout clothing and bring proper footwear (sneakers/training shoes). Be sure to bring plenty of water and a positive attitude!