Tuesday 1.27.12 WOD

Floor To OH to OH Sq  x10-8-6-6-4-4

  • Advance Members GO HEAVY!
  • Mobility Inch worms 10 Yards & Burgener Warm up with PVC/Bar
  • Bar warm-up set of Floor to OH to OH Sq Must be included


  • Jump Pullups  x20
  • Hollow Holds  x20
  • Sec Bird Dogs 5 ES

Sandy Relief WOD on Sunday 11.11.12

Guys were holding a Sandy Relief WOD on Sunday 11.11.12 at 9:30AM.  Its going to be $10 per person.  This is not limited to CFG members, Please tell your friends!  Were still deciding what group to donate the money to but the ALL proceeds will go to that group.  Were going to do a basic WOD so anyone one can participate, Kids included!!!  Kids will do there own WOD, Ages 7 and up


SCHEDULE Change! Starting Monday 8.6.12 We will no longer be offering OnRamp Classes at 6:30AM.  Will be moving the 7:30AM WOD class to 6:30AM.  We will also be extending our OnRamp class to Tuesdays at 8PM. Now offer OnRamp classe Monday thru Thursday at 8PM