CrossFit Garwood

CrossFit Garwood’s certified coaches don’t just build athletes—they create fighters who can conquer the physical and emotional challenges of everyday life. Athletes of all levels flock to the 8,000-square-foot facility for Constantly varied, Functional Movements that are preformed at a High Intensity.

 CrossFIT Garwood Policy

The trainer has a responsibility to all members when it comes to performing the exercises correctly.  All new members and trial class participants MUST complete our “ON RAMP” or 6 Week Challenge programs prior to entering WOD’s.


WOD – Workout Of the Day

During the workout of the day, they spur one another on through kettlebell swings, Olympic lifting moves, and muscle-ups on a Rogue pull-up system. Some days, they dart across a 40-yard track, on others they bound across turf like a mob of rugby-playing kangaroos.


**CrossFIT Garwood On-Ramp Program

To insure proper Form & Safety we require new athletes complete our “On Ramp” program.  Our “On-Ramp” program focuses on the Olympic lifts that we do regularly in WOD Classes.  All New Athletes to CrossFIT MUST Complete this program regardless of prior CrossFIT experience We offer a 1 month trial membership for$149.00.  This price includes 3 private “On-Ramp” classes, plus 1 full month of WOD classes.  Please call 908-789-0053 to schedule or use Email

**6 Week Program:

The best way to see if CrossFIT is for you is to do one of our 6 Week Challenges.  This includes 3 classes per Week.   We offer AM & PM classes.   A real food meal plan (4 options) that you follow as well as BMI, body measurements and before & after photos.  The 6 week program creates a community of athletes who all start at the same time.  They work towards their own individual goals, but together. Please call us to see when our next 6 Week Challenge is starting 908-789-0053.  We offer all Female & Coed Challenges.

**Sorry but we don’t accept Drop in Athletes.

CrossFit Garwood GymSo much more

To make trips to the gym as convenient as possible, CrossFit Garwood and its partner facility, Gold Medal Fitness, team with amenities such as lockers, showers, and childcare services.


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CrossFit Garwood Gym Sorry but we DON’T accept DROP-INs!


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