Monday 7.17.17
GPP: Tabata Down/Up, H&O, Pocket, S. Drop, HS, HSB, BK, Snatch
Distraction- Lizard- Wrist- 90/90
Snatch Positional SKILL (3-5 Rep Range)
5 Min from Floor “Focus on a slow & patient pull”
1 Min break for Weigh Change
5 Min Skill work of Below knee “Stay Patient!”
1 Min break for Weigh Change
5 Min: Top of knee “Continue pull to pocket, then be explosive”
Any Snatch is acceptable. FOCUS on Movement NOT Reps
5 Min Set-up for Isabelle
“Isabelle” (9 Min Cap)
GOAL IS to select a weight you get done in 7 Min or less
30 Snatches (135/95-115/75-95/55)
Recovery Run 600m
Monday 7.17.17