Monday 8.6.12 WOD

Once you pick up the KB you cant place it down until you complete all 5 rds.  Only time KB can touch the ground is during the the Push-ups.  44/35M 26/18W

5 Rds of:

  • Single Arm KB Swings  x10 on each Arm
  • Front Lunge  x10 on each Leg
  • KB Row  x10 on each Leg
  • KB Squat  x20
  • KB Sit-up  x20
  • KB Push-up  x10


SCHEDULE Change! Starting Monday 8.6.12 We will no longer be offering OnRamp Classes at 6:30AM.  Will be moving the 7:30AM WOD class to 6:30AM.  We will also be extending our OnRamp class to Tuesdays at 8PM. Now offer OnRamp classe Monday thru Thursday at 8PM

Saturday 8.4.12 WOD

Partner Day

  •  Turf: Bag Flip/Push
  • Blk Top: Ladders/Hurdles
  •  Track: Sprint


  •  SDHP with KB
  • Over Head SQ with PVC/Bar
  • Plank