Thursday 8.9.18
GPP: Tabata x2 (Rest 1 Min b/t) Snatch Pull, Hip Contact, HS, Sq. Snatch
Crossover Sym. 8 of Each
Head Lev: Archer, Row & Pulldown
Distraction (1Min Each) & Wrist & Spinx (1 Min Each)
Snatch Skill Work Complex (Climb no further then 70%)
E2M x10
Snatch Pull to Knee w/ :02 Pause (Drop & Rest)
Snatch Pull to Knee w/ :02 pauseā€¦. Into a Sq Snatch (Scale to PS and ride down)
For Time (11 Min )
50 HPC (155/95-135/85-115/75-95/55)
“Choose a weight you can do at least 10 UB”
Each Time you Drop bar you do 10 BFB (No Back Racking)
Thursday 8.9.18